Client 1


“Yellow Mentality provides coaches that are thoughtful, patient with a capacity to follow the craziest of narratives. I appreciated their ability to bring me back to earth with thought-provoking questions that helped me see the forest through the trees. I am happy to recommend them as coaches.”

Stacey S, Consultancy Partner

Client 2

"Mendy is a powerful coach with a great sense of intuition. As an entrepreneur, I sought out coaching from Yellow Mentality to gain greater clarity and focus on what direction to take my business in next. In a very short period of time, Mendy was able to identify the core thoughts that were limiting my progress and clouding my focus and he guided me through a powerful visualization process that brought me instant clarity, focus, and confidence to take the next step towards building my business.  A week or two after the visualization exercise, the ideal client I imagined became a paying client. This is a true story so I can only imagine the amazing things Mendy can do for sports teams, business teams, and anyone who is seeking to accomplish big dreams and greater success."

Estelle W, Entrepreneur

Client 3

“I worked with Mendy for a couple of months, at that time I was working on a short film. I must say he helped me immensely. We set goals and did some inner work that I've never experienced before. I strongly recommend if you are looking to find success.”

Yisrael.D, Film Director/Actor

Client 4

Michele recently help me transition out of a company I had been with for 17 years. She provided valuable insight into the process, was there for support and coaching along the way. She helped spearhead the preparation of my resume and was a great sounding board. She was always encouraging and consistently checked in with me to see how things were going.

John M, Vice President of Retail Leasing at Encore Capital Management

Client 5


As a retiring military veteran, I faced a steep learning curve as I prepared for my second career. Michele expertly guided me throughout the process, tailoring her technical expertise and proven approach to my unique situation. Her positive attitude and thoughtful feedback make her an outstanding coach and mentor for anyone seeking the next step in their career.

Eric J, Consumer and Market Analytics

Client 6


“Mendy is a very empowering coach. I felt respected and encouraged every time that we spoke. During the 3 short months that we worked together, Mendy not only helped me get my own business started, but also helped me improve my relationship with my wife. It was definitely worth my investment in working with him."

Naokimi U, President at CARP

Client 7


Although I consider myself a real " go-getter", Michele's consultation and positive coaching were a huge help in dusting off my job networking and interviewing skills. I believe many tips that she shared on how to market my professional experience using LinkedIn were beneficial in landing me 12 interviews in a two-month span, two of which became job offers. This was after applying for approximately 90 highly competitive positions related to my field of study and experience, and during a slow holiday hiring period. We're talking 13% of all job resumes resulted in an interview within two months.

I always felt that our coaching sessions would result in favorable job offers. Had I approached job searching using only past methods and not taken her bold advice, I would not have been as successful. One may know their field of study, however, job searching is an ever-changing field within itself. Every job seeker, needs someone who provides candid advice, punctual coaching sessions and has an inspirational tone—That is what Michele Brant and the Yellow Mentality team brings to the table! 

Theresa R, Training and Development