How we think!

We are all impacted by the daily occurrences that we experience. It can be conscious or sub conscious, but they’re always existent unless we know how to control them. It’s so important that we stay aware of how we feel and what our current attitude is, to ensure that we are responding to the things and the people around us in the best possible way.

Sometimes we let our emotions get the best of us, resulting in us acting in ways we wish we never did. If we learn how to control the moment and become present, we eliminate being caught up in the past. At Yellow Mentality we have a unique assessment called the Energy Leadership Index that measures your ability to live in the moment and what ares of your life are causing the stress in your life. This gives our coaches the ability to help our clients become extremely focused on what they want to accomplish and where most the coaching work is done. We have this assessment as a luxury to help our clients get the maximum results in a short period of time, all while bringing the greatest quality to the table.

When you work with our coaches, you will begin to have more clarity for the task at hand and become in control of the areas most important to you. For example an athlete at the free-throw line requirers full control of the situation in order for the athlete to become 100% present and calm enough to make those free-throws. He could have taken thousands of shots in his life but that moment may come down to lack of control of emotions or influence of something that occurred earlier that day that is having a direct effect on the athlete. This is one example of many that can be applied to Sports, Relationships, Stock Market and business world. 

Having the ability to act in an optimal way under the influence of our surroundings is what will give you the edge in what you’re trying to accomplish.

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