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The team of coaches at Yellow Mentality are ICF and IPEC certified, which means they’ve been trained through one of the top coaching schools in the nation, recognized world wide and approved by the International Coach Federation. They have learned and studied relating topics in Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Mentoring, Emotional Intelligence, and Leadership development. They are here to help our clients get the results they want, at a pace the client feels is right.

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Mendy Dubov

Mental Performance & Leadership Coach


Mendy is the owner of Yellow Mentality which was founded in 2015. He began working with Athletes looking to improve their game mentally and increase leadership skills in order to be able to perform at an optimal level. He played sports all his years growing up which lead him to a career in helping others perform at the greatest level possible.

Mendy works with a variety of different performers, including Stock Traders, Influential business leaders, Artists, and Athletes. He has proved through his coaching that when a performer is emotionally aware and in control of the current moment, the performer can attain the desired outcome. 

He believes that if you are aware and conscious of your emotional state that is crucial in being able to control a moment during performance. 

Kristin L. Beasley PHD

Relationship Coach

Pre/post Marriage

Kristin holds a PhD in Clinical Psychology, MA in Education and BA in Child Development. Becoming a certified coach with iPEC to positively impact people’s lives is her passion. Everything she has done professionally begins in the context of relationships. With a strong background in understanding resiliency and neuropsychology, she learned that humans are at their best when they feel loved and supported by others and have a solid compass within themselves. When positive relationships are combined with healthy communication every aspect of life; parenting, partnering, working and even adventuring, becomes better. Knowing how to communicate in ways that value relationships keep us connected to the people we love and care about most.

Even in the work setting communication and relationships drive success. This is the core of Kristin's coaching philosophy.

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Michele Brant

Business/Career Coach

Career Development
Job Transition
Work/Life Balance

Integrating her expertise in the areas of career, marketing, communications, leadership and work/life balance. Michele has worked with countless clients across diverse industries to achieve the optimal career that fits with their lifestyle. Her specialties include career coaching, interview training, resume development, career marketing plan development, onboarding/leadership development, and career re-engineering.

As the daughter of a West Point graduate, Michele is known for her strategic approach in asking questions that help clients articulate their value and differentiate themselves with confidence in their target market. With more than 20 years of corporate and consulting experience, she creates a powerful partnership with her clients to obtain a thorough and complete assessment to help clients choose the best career path.