Episode 27: How to Become the Greatest with Tim Adams

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I sit down with Tim Adams to discuss what it takes to really become the best in your field. Tim has coached the best of the best in a variety of industries, from NFL Champs, Grammy award-winning artists, and a number of Pro sports teams.

Tim has an interesting approach on how to build mental toughness that most people don’t use or think about. Much like the Navy Seals, he comes from the view that the more your body can endure the more your mind is forced to naturally become tougher.

We talk about how to hack success, the truth about flow and how to access it at will, and how to deal with competition in order to make you better.

Learn more about Tim at: CoachTimAdams.com

Social Media Handle: @CoachTimAdams

Learn more about Mendy at: YellowMentality.com

Social Media Handle: @MendyDubov

Show Notes

2:10 Intro

4:00 How to become the greatest

6:30 Always learn from the best to become the best

10:00 From injury to working in NFL

13:30 Use your competition to your advantage

18:20 How to reach Optimal performance

22:00 the truth about Flow

26:00 How to overcome an injury and failure

32:00 What’s the most valuable thing a client taught you?

38:00 Fire round Questions

Favorite Book: Winning by Clyde Woodward