21: The Psychology of Fear and How to Destroy it - with Saber Fatnassi

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Saber is a peak performance coach that works with high performing athletes and CEO’s. I sat down with him to discuss what traits and mindsets high achievers have and what it takes to reach peak performance in all areas of life. 

He talks about the power of failure, how to stay in the moment, the importance of energy, and how to handle fear.

We had a great time talking and there is really a lot of good information in this episode for anyone looking to improve their performance regardless whether it’s in your professional life or personal quest for a better one.


Show Notes:

1:30 - intro

2:40 - Why do performers lose control and confidence?

5:00 How do you train your mind to think the right thoughts?

8:25 The Trained Mind vs the Untrained Mind

12:25 The different ways we process information 

16:30 The power of Failure

19:30 How do you ignore fear and take action?

24:00 The only two things in life you can control

28:00 How do you stay in the moment?

30:45 Rapid fire Questions

Rapid fire answers:

Lunch: Jack Canfield

Book: Success Principles by Jack Canfield

Movie: Gladiator

Role Model: Grand-Father

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