Episode 26: The Psychology of Building A Personal Brand with Henry Kaminski

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Henry Kaminski helps companies and entrepreneurs build their brands from the bottom up. In this episode we talk about what it takes to build a personal brand psychologically. When starting out as a business owner or entrepreneur it can be tough finding out exactly who your target market is or who is your ideal client. Henry goes deep into how to define who those people are and how to build a solid brand that will bring in clients and customers regularly.

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Show Notes

00- How Henry started out

4:35- How to overcome limiting beliefs that hold you back?

6:45- Design your life to reach success

11:25- Start thinking bigger

12:15- You need to believe in your abilities

16:30- Confidence vs Arrogance 

18:25- Understand your self worth

25:00- How to deal with bullies 

28:00- Be careful how you talk to yourself 

29:30- Fire question round