13: 4 Ways To Reach Peak Performance

This is a webinar recording that goes through 4 ways to reach peak performance. 


Mendy, our performance coach goes through how performers, athletes, employees, and stock traders can improve their performance in any desired area they choose. 

1. The Why

The why is your motivation to keep going when everything else tells you to stop, your momentum to keep going when you're running a marathon and your legs are giving out. The why gives you the ability to keep going. It's your reason for performing for something greater than yourself when you take your ego out of the equation you are able to reach levels in a performance that were NEVER within your realm of possibility.

2. Breathing

Breathing has a HUGE impact on how you show up and live in the moment. Done properly will allow you to relax and decrease stress in seconds. We discuss a few different types of breathing techniques but the most important thing is finding a pattern that is comfortable for you. Once you do find that sits well with you, you can start to benefit from the exercise of breathing to calm you down and be totally present in the moment not thinking about the past or the future.

3. Visioning 

Visioning is your ability to go into the future and imagine it. Our minds don't know the difference between imagination and reality, so when we vision our success we are becoming comfortable, familiar, and ready for when we reach that moment. When we do reach that moment we will be less stressed, more confident and more prepared because we've seen it before. 

4. GAIL's

I've written extensively and talked on the podcast about Gail's, but they are the 4 primary mental blocks EVERYONE goes through at any moment of a decision or crucial time throughout our day.

Gremin- The voice in our heads telling us we aren't good enough.

Assumptions- Something that happens to us in the past that leads us to believe it will happen again mentally blocking our ability to make a decision or complete a task properly.

Interpretation- These are the stories we make up in our head on how we think the story should end, when we are left in the dark we tend to try to complete the story by coming up with the ending which can be positive or negative.

Limiting Beliefs- Society tries to dictate what's possible and what's not. We have the power to overcome these beliefs and accomplish amazing things with the proper mindset.

Mendy goes through each of the GAIL's in more detail and talks about how to eliminate and deal with the block when it comes up.


Mendy is the Lead Performance coach at Yellow Mentality. You can contact him at Mendy@YellowMentality.com or visit Yellowmentality.com