12: The Psychology of Martial Arts with Sifu Richard Baron

In this episode, we talk to Kung Fu master and trained Monk, Sifu Richard Baron.

Richard owns a kung fu temple that helps people attack and destroy all different types of issues that they have had trouble dealing with in other places. His students suffer from issues like Diabetes, Social Anxiety, Stress, and many others. Martial Arts is an effective way to deal with and fix these issues. By going through physical motions of attack and psychologically envisioning your opponent to be the issue that you are diagnosed with allows you to destroy the problem.

Minute by Minute

:35 About the king fu temple 

1:36 The science of Kung fu

3:30 The psychology of Kung fu

5:40 Fixing the issues through fighting 

6:40 It’s a brotherhood 

8:00 Reaching true achievement 

9:10 Applying martial arts to daily life

10:11 Diminishing ego through fighting 

16:07 Talk less do More

17:03 Fighting with friends 

21:00 Practicing vs performing 

23:00 Michael Jordan leaving the bulls

24:00 Don’t let ego drive you

26:40 Being loved Vs being right

30:50 Intro to Kung fu

33:08 Favorite book

34:50 What does Success mean to you?

36:00 Advice to a 23-year-old

Temple of Kung Fu

Sifu Richard Baron


Tao Te Ching and Tai Chi


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