23: Into the Life of a Sports Agent - With MLB Agent Mark Kligman

Marc Kligman and Mendy Dubov on the Yellow Mentality Podcast

In this episode, I interview MLB Agent Marc Kligman. He talks about his journey into professional sports and what it’s like to work with MLB players on a daily basis. Marc hadone some amazing things on and off the field like helping his clients recover from drug addiction and assisting them in any way he can. Many players that become his clients come from overseas and need assistance getting acclimated to the league and the country. So, Marc is there for them in a way that goes way beyond the job of an average agent. He shares his view on how children have their best shot at becoming professional players and what makes a player good versus great.

Lastly, we talk about the current state of the baseball league and what is working and what needs improvement. Any baseball fan will enjoy this episode and those that are exploring the thought of getting into the sports management business this will be very helpful and insightful.


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Show Notes

1:10 intro

3:00 Competitiveness as a sports agent

5:45 Dealing with Pro athletes 

9:10 Staying at the top of your game

11:00 Working with players off field

15:40 The proper way to coach children

20:00 Rapid fire Questions 

Favorite Movie: Gladiator

Favorite Book: Time To Kill by John Gresham

Favorite Player: Keith Hernandez