22: Sacrificing an Olympic Gold Medal - With Olympic Gold Medalist Lydia Lassila

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On episode 22 of the Yellow Mentality podcast we have Olympic gold Medalist Lydia Lassila on the show to share her incredible story and journey through the Olympics.

Lydia talks about competing in the Olympics from a mental perspective as well as the physical, how to come back from an injury and why doing the right thing is always the best. She was given the option to win gold or do something no Olympic female athlete has ever done and she chose the latter to prove to herself and the world that if you believe in yourself you can achieve anything!

We discuss the edge she had over athletes by working with incredible coaches and trainers, one of them being Jeffery Hodges who we’ve interviewed previously. Listen to that episode here.

Overall, I had a great time chatting with Lydia and her story is inspiring and motivating. It gives you the courage to do the things you’re afraid of , and most importantly believe in yourself!


To learn more about Lydia visit: Lydialassila.com.au and Bodyice.com

Social Media Handle: @Lydialassila

To learn more about Mendy visit: YellowMentality.com

Social Media Handle @MendyDubov

Show Notes

1:00 Intro

2:30 Synergy between Sports and Life

3:40 Returning from Major Injuries

7:00 Working Smart vs Hard

9:40 Stories you tell yourself

11:40 Having support from others

15:50 Don’t take unnecessary risks

18:00 The quest to do the impossible 

26:00 How to think before performing

33:00 Rapid Fire Questions 

Rapid Fire Answers

Favorite Book: The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield

Favorite Movie: The Rocky Series

Documentary and book: The Will to Fly