What's your mindset?

A good friend of mine called me earlier this week and we ended up talking for quite a while about work-life balance and passion in a career setting. He was of the opinion that it’s important to go to school to get a degree (even though he agreed that school isn't for everyone) and get a good paying job. I took the stance of doing what you love in order to make money not working a day in your life because you wake up so excited and motivated to continue changing the lives and the world around you. 

I strongly believe in passion. I think that it’s 100% worth it to struggle to make a living trying to find a business model doing what you love, rather than to go to school, get a degree, only to find out that you are not content or happy with the position you find yourself in. I know tons of people that have left corporate jobs to pursue something that makes them feel they're contributing to the world and the society we find ourselves in. 

I can't express how badly I feel for the people that get stuck in a 9-5 job completely unsatisfied with their current job and scenario they find themselves in. People ask "why are you unhappy? You're making such good money! I would kill to be in your position." It's only about the money till it's not. Money is only a piece of the pie, money can't buy tons of things. Which is why I don’t believe in it as a life choice, I believe that when you do something you love so much, talking about it does no justice as to how you feel about it. It becomes a lifestyle, it becomes who you are at the core. Passion is an inner feeling,  how can speech justify an emotional state?

This is why entrepreneurs get so excited about ideas they have and businesses they start. It's an expression of who they are and what they stand for. When something they thought of comes to fruition it says something about themselves, it talks about who they are. Nothing in the world achieves that message as much as someone's personal idea that they have produced into a lifestyle. That’s why it’s so much more rewarding, for someone to create something from a mere thought, it has no limits, it'll go as far as you take it. Of course it’s hard, sleepless nights, countless meetings, assumptive failing time and time again. Until you reach the ‘end’ only to realize those “failures” got you to where you are. But what keeps you going is the deep rooted mindset you’ve programmed yourself to believe in. The understanding that only you can hold yourself back from reaching success. The belief that you are what you think, any negativity that arises needs to be shot down or else you will be. We create our thoughts, so if thoughts create the outcome then we are in control of our own future. You decide what to think and how to act, it all starts with you and your mind. How are you going to think and act? What do you represent and what does it mean to you? What are you living for and how does this moment effect the next? 

The point of this article is not to bash or criticize the average American 9-5er, many of them are very happy in their jobs and I admire them for following their dreams. This is more about raising awareness and give encouragement to those who believe in themselves and the ideas they believe in. If your dream is to go to school and become a surgeon or lawyer don't let anyone stop you. In fact, don't let anyone stop you for any dream you have. 

Being an entrepreneurial minded individual that believes in the underdog is what lead me to write this. I get an adrenaline rush when the subject of passion and dream catching comes up. There is nothing you can’t do if you foolishly think someone won't achieve their dream don't you dare tell them they can't. It's not your job to impose your failures and negative self-beliefs on others. If someone tells you that you can't, remember they are telling you their limitation, not yours. Keep pushing, as long as the mindset is there so is the outcome. As long as you stick to the process the results will come.

The phone call with my friend ended to the tune of; passion is the most important thing. However, you need to be responsible for your family now or in the future when you will have one. So when you have the luxury to go after the things you love and can’t express in words, go till you collapse because you only have so long. You can always get an average job that pays well later, but you can only live your dream once. We all know hundreds of stories of successful people that suffered for many years before finding success. But everyone's persistence and motivation time span differs, start now! Talk to people about your ideas and dreams, ask for their help, don’t let anyone stop you. Hatters will only make you stronger. Most importantly remember that true success is in the mind. Once your mindset and belief system are deeply rooted everything else will flow. 

Passion wins every time!