Episode 24: From Broke to Millions - with David Meltzer CEO of Sports 1 Marketing

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In episode 24 of the Yellow Mentality podcast, CEO of Sports 1 Marketing and one of the most notable individuals in the sports industry David Meltzer came on the show to discuss money, mindset and the truth about success.

David became a millionaire by age 31. He was working for a law firm selling legal data online.

At the same time, he was making connections and building relationships with big names in the sports and music industries. He was living the so-called “life” until he began to lose focus of what was really important in life and his core values were being compromised. 

By that time it was too late, he was heavily leveraged in his real estate investments and found himself going into bankruptcy. In this episode, David takes us through this tough time in his life and what he did physically and mentally to get back the life he wanted so much. 

Leigh Steinberg brought him under his wing until he eventually opened his own sports agency with Hall of Fame QB Warren Moon.

David talks about many lessons he learned going from rags to riches back to broke and ultimately to wealthy, not just in his pocket but in his mind and the way he lives his everyday life.

He shares the warning signs he got leading up to losing all his money, as well as the ideas and mindset that kept him from giving up and to keep pushing no matter what happens.


Show Notes

1:00 intro

2:30 Lesson 1: Be more interested than interesting

How I made the first million

4:00 Lesson 2: Just because someone loves you doesn’t mean you should take their advice

7:00 The moment I realized I messed up

13:00 Your parents’ love shape you

15:20 How I kept a solid mindset through tough time

17:20 Add value to others

21:00 What is Real Happiness?

25:00 Attaching rewards to goals

28:50 Rapid Fire Questions

Favorite Books

Power of intention by Wayne Dyer

Think and Grow Rich Napoleon Hill

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