Book of the Month - December

The book of the Month for December is:

“The Inner Game of Tennis”

By W. Timothy Gallwey

Inner game of tennis

This book may seem like a guide on how to perfect your tennis skills but it’s far more than just tips on tennis. This masterpiece by W. Timothy Gallwey goes deep into the psychology of performance, revealing many ideas of what we call today Sports Psychology and mental performance practices.

One of the main ideas in the book Gallwey relays is, that every good performer knows exactly what to do and what it takes to win at their game. But the reason so many performers and humans choke and get stuck in the daily grind is because there is something he calls “Self one” and “self two”. Self one is the mind and self two is the body. Each one is trying to tell you how to perform at your best. So self one (the mind) gives you many ideas and too often they are negative thoughts trying to shield you from messing up or ruining your self image causing embarrassment and shame. While self two (the body) is saying hit the ball like this, shoot the ball like that, and we end up stuck between these two selves causing our performance to suffer. He goes in to greater detail about these two selves and how to manage them to reach peak performance.

Overall this is a fabulous read and is highly recommended.

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Happy Reading!