Book of the Month - November

The book of the month for November is:

High Performance Habits by Brendon Burchard

High performance habits - Book Club

*HP - High Performer/s

This is a great book for high achievers. Brendon goes through years of research he’s done working with Thousands of clients and students he’s taught and helped reach higher levels in performance. He shares the idea that there are 6 habits that make someone a high performer, what he calls the HP6.

  1. Seek Clarity - HP are always looking to improve their clarity and not waiting for things to happen. They are proactive in getting to the next stage to make the quality of their life better.

  2. Generate Energy - Most people lose their energy by 2-3 pm. HP learn how to create more energy for themselves so that they don’t crash and avoid having a non productive day. Some of the ways they do this is by taking short naps, practicing meditation, or taking breaks from whatever they’re doing to ease the tension and pressure, which helps them stay focused and motivated to finish the task.

  3. Raise Necessity - Before doing anything that requires full attention and focus they will ask themselves why they are doing this specific thing, and why it’s important to the moment. When they go through this exercise they begin to perform the task with more intention and meaning which helps them be more present and conscious.

  4. Increase Productivity - Having a productive day is very important to those who want to be a HP and more importantly to get things done. HP know that the main thing is to always keep the main thing the main thing. Productivity is being focused and keeping the eye on the ball by always asking “Is this the best thing I can be spending my time on?”

  5. Develop Influence - All HP have mastered this habit and skill of being able to impact someone or challenge their thought process. To be able to say “Think of it like this” or “How can you reframe that?” HP are always influencing others usually in positive ways, helping them increase the quality of their lives and minds.

  6. Exercising Courage - We all have courage, but some of us are too afraid to let it out. HP unleash their inner courage and don’t let it hide inside when it’s needed most. They speak up for themselves and for the people they love. They won’t let someone run them over. They take the leap even though it may be scary, because they know it will work out when they trust themselves.

All in all its a great book and there are many more great ideas in the book based on these 6 habits.

You can get the book here for just $7 or on Amazon for full price here.

Happy reading!