5 Steps to Achieve Anything

What do you want

Become clear on what you want. It can be a stage in personal development, an increase in physical performance, a specific weight, an improvement in a relationship, taking your business to the next level. The idea is that it is something that you can measure progress and be able to see results. Don’t go hard on the goal, start with something that you know you can accomplish. Choosing a goal of making a million dollars is good but may take longer than you expect or require more work than you're willing to put in at this stage in your life. Start with something small and realistic, but that's for you to decide. Even if it's not a huge goal as long as it's stretching your current ability just a little you’ll see results. 

Understand the motive of your goal

Why do you want to achieve this? What is going to happen once you do? What are you proving to yourself or others by succeeding? This step is very important to execute properly. it is the backbone of the goal and will create the will to achieve it. Understanding the motive will give you insight into why you chose it and it’ll give you the strength to keep going when your emotions tell you to give up or stop. The why is what gets people to do things even when their body has hit the max, their why is so strong that their mind is in total control of their physiology. The why is what makes marathon runners keep going when they can't feel their legs. It's the entrepreneur that stays up working till 3 am on the weekend. Understanding the why for this specific goal or project will be the basis and deciding factor of whether you accomplish it or not. Dig deep within yourself and ask why do I want this so bad? There should be passion in your voice and body language when you talk about it. 

Create a blueprint

Write out your plan of how you’re going to do it. How many times a week are you going to go to the gym? How many meeting do you want to set up each week? Which night will you go out for date night? How many shots will you take a day in order to become a better shooter? What is required before you start? How many miles are you going to run? Any details that are relevant to the goal write down. 


Be held accountable

Lack of accountability is a huge reason we fail to get things done. We say we're going to do things and make plans to go places but we get caught up in our daily life that our plans and goals lose importance and value. If you want to see yourself complete or achieve something choose someone hold you accountable. Pick a friend or colleague and ask them to check in on you every 'X' days to see if you did or are doing what you need to reach your goal. It seems childish, but this is one of the most effective ways to get things done and stay disciplined. Coaches are good for this as well, they will hold you accountable and if you fail to follow through they can coach you through it and help you understand what's holding you back. It's one of the harder steps but it's imperative that you are being held accountable. There are apps for this as well but nothing will help if you don't have the 3 prior steps figured out. If you find yourself slacking off refer back to your 'why', remember why you started in the first place. That will reawaken the fire within you and strengthen your willpower. If you're not impressed or passionate by your 'why' anymore then find a new one, one that really lights you up and shows the passion within you. 

Celebrate your success!

When we celebrate after we accomplish something we trigger our minds to associate hard work with pleasure. Our mind starts to learn that if we do 'X' we will feel accomplished resulting in 'X'. In this day and age, we've become impulsive and needy in the sense that when we see the newest technology or latest fashion we will sacrifice our priorities in order to fill those cravings. Hence the high percentage of people in debt. One thing you can do is, if you know you want something, anchor it to a goal (step 1), now when you reach that goal you feel accomplished (which is the root of happiness) and you get what you wanted whether it's an object or going somewhere.

When you tie a goal to something you want there is much more value to the object than if you just went out and bought it just because you wanted to. Every time you look at the object you bought it will remind you of the goal you accomplished making it part of your life and a lasting memory. Every time you see it it will make you feel accomplished and will drive you to want to work more and achieve more. If you don't celebrate successes we start to lose the drive and work ethic because it's not grounded to anything. If you lose 30 pounds and say "eh, I could have lost a lot more", that may be true but you can't sell yourself short for losing 30. The best way to get yourself to lose another 30 is to realize that what you've lost till now is excellent and now you're going to celebrate that hard work which will program your mind to want to do it again. 

Most importantly believe in yourself and your abilities. You're a lot greater than you lead yourself to think. Go get it!

Mendy is the Lead Performance coach at Yellow Mentality. To contact Mendy email Mendy@Yellowmentality.com or visit Yellowmentality.com