The Yellow Mentality

Yellow Mentality is a coaching practice designed to help its clients reach new heights and get the results they need. Our coaches specialize in multiple areas of coaching giving our clients the ability to be properly serviced with a laser focused agenda.

The goal at Yellow Mentality is to bring the greatest value to our clients and provide lasting change in the direction our clients want. The foundation of our coaching is based on leadership and attitude; to be able to respond to circumstances in an optimal way so we can be in control of our emotions and stress levels. Whether it’s an athlete taking the last shot in a championship game or a Business leader under pressure to make a vital decision that the entire company is depending on, the outcome will depend on how we react emotionally and mentally in that moment.

Yellow Mentality is combining the color Yellow and using the power of the human brain to overcome challenges and mental blocks holding many of us back from reaching our desired goals. The color Yellow according to psychology represents positive energy, joy, and happiness. Think of famous animated characters that are yellow. The Minions, Joy from Inside OutSpongebob SquarePants, Tweety Bird, Pikachu and Big Bird to name a fewThey all either represent positivity, joy or energy. When you pair that with a motivated, strong, and powerful mindset you become an unstoppable force exceeding all limitations which is what our talented coaches are trained to help our clients achieve.

Our coaching staff specialize in a wide variety of categories. Ranging from Mental performance for athletes, Traders, and Performers, to Leadership coaching for Business leaders, all the way to Relationship coaching for pre-marriage, post-married couples, and family communication and finally Transition coaching for job transitions and career development. All which have the common theme of mastering leadership skills and having a Yellow Mentality in order to be able to tackle the current task at hand.


“A dream only works if you do.”

— John Maxwell


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